Old Town Avondale

Old Town Avondale

Old Town Avondale is a leading place for an expanding, family-owned business to invest in prime opportunities along Western Avenue and in the Cashion and Las Ligas neighborhoods. With our expanding demographics, Old Town Avondale provides many compelling reasons for your business to add to the growing tapestry segment of unique restaurateurs and retailers found in this specialty district.






Average household income


Median age

Data is within 3 miles of Western Avenue, ESRI 2020


Infill Incentive District

Eligible projects within commercial and residential incentives areas may receive a 50% reduction in building permit, plan review and development impact fees.

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Opportunity Zones

Investors who reinvest capital gains in Opportunity Zone funds will receive reductions on capital gains taxes relative to the years of their investment.

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New Markets Tax Credit

The New Markets Tax Credit provides an incentive for investment in low-income communities. Investors receive a tax credit against their federal income tax through a competitive tax credit allocation.

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Old Town News


Old Town Avondale Business District Zoning

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Cashion Business District Zoning

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Specific Plan for Old Town, Cashion, Las Ligas/Rio Vista

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Old Town Dining Guide

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