Eat Local! Avondale Restaurants #ReadyToServe


The City of Avondale restaurants are committed to continuing to serve the community in new capacities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Office of Economic Development is in regular contact with all of the restaurants in the City to update their current status so check back frequently for the most up to date information. Please drop us a note at if there needs to be an update to this list and we would be happy to do so.

Business NameLocationPhone
1 Brothers Pizza11435 W Buckeye Rd Suite A100(623) 936-7053
8-Bit Aleworks1050 N Fairway Dr. suite 101(623) 925-1650
Ahi Poki10321 W McDowell Rd(623) 242-9613
AJK Chinese Cuisine1535 N Dysart Rd(623) 935-9180
Blaze Pizza10155 W McDowell Rd #103(623) 455-6768
Burger King11445 W Buckeye Rd(623) 643-9451
Burger King9920 W Van Buren St(623) 230-2851
Café Rio Mexican Grill10120 W McDowell Rd(623) 748-2100
Café Zamora's606 E Western Ave(623) 925-0955
Café Zupas10265 W McDowell Rd(623) 696-3894
Carniceria La Tapatia517 W Western Ave(623) 932-2444
Carniceria Mi Ranchit19 W Western Ave(623) 925-5676
Carniceria y Taqueria10953 W Buckeye Rd(623) 936-5551
Carolina's Mexican 27 N Dysart Rd(623) 925-0808
Carrabba's Italian Grill9920 W McDowell Rd(623) 936-0597
Casa de Plata210 N Avondale Blvd #104(623) 499-5499
Champis Bakery10575 W Indian School Rd(623) 606-1559
Chick-Fil-A10180 W McDowell Rd(623) 907-4780
Chipotle Mexican Grill9925 W McDowell Rd #101(623) 907-1122
Colados Coffee 10685 W Indian School Road (623) 215-3826
Cold Stone Creamery10210 W McDowell Rd Ste 160(623) 932-9205
Coldwater Golf Club100 N Clubhouse Dr(623) 932-9000
Crispy Glaze Donuts11345 W Buckeye Rd A113(623) 936-7009
Cristina's Salvadorean10665 W Indian School Rd(623) 249-4481
Crumbl Cookies10120 W McDowell Rd(480) 937-0396
Culver's1025 N Avondale Blvd(623) 792-8649
Daily Donut10725 W Indian School Rd(623) 398-7902
Dairy Queen3905 N 107th Ave(623) 772-5997
Del Taco1483 N Dysart Rd(623) 932-4438
Dickey's Barbecue Pit10005 W McDowell Rd Ste 101(623) 936-2011
Dominos11345 W Buckeye Rd Ste B102(623) 388-5900
Dominos10719 W Indian School Rd(623) 877-3030
Don Pancho's Mexican725 N Central Ave(623) 925-9430
Ed's Fish and Chips306 N Central Ave(623) 932-5043
El Tataki Sushi10685 W Indian School Rd (623) 230-3668
Eric's Family Barbecue12345 W. Indian School Rd(623) 535-0993
Fiesta Mexicana 1733 N Dysart Rd(623) 535-5010
Filiberto's3940 N 107th Ave(623) 877-9171
Filiberto's1440 N Dysart Rd(623) 925-2678
Fired Pie13070 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd(623) 266-7998
Flavors of Louisiana13025 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd(623) 935-2357
Gyros and More1467 N Dysart Rd(623) 882-9100
Hot Dogs La Yaquesita11498 W Buckeye Rd(602) 500-6634
Hungry Howie's Pizza12725 W Indian School Rd (623) 535-1827
IHOP1491 N Dysart Rd(623) 925-1260
India Garden1809 N Dysart Rd(623) 536-2320
In-N-Out Burger1525 N Dysart Rd(800) 786-1000
Islands Restaurant10055 W McDowell Rd(623) 907-1214
JT Boba House10160 W McDowell Rd(623) 936-0099
Jack in the Box250 N Avondale Blvd(623) 932-2058
Jack in the Box10307 W McDowell Rd(623) 374-3477
Jack in the Box13088 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd(623) 935-4141
Jamba Juice10110 W McDowell Rd #120(623) 478-9250
Jersey Mike's Subs10321 W McDowell Rd(623) 907-8111
Jimmy Johns10110 W McDowell Rd Ste. 100(623) 643-9380
KFC1470 N Dysart St(623) 925-0696
Kneaders Bakery 10112 W McDowell Rd(623) 209-0000
Krispy Kreme1459 N Dysart Rd(623) 209-7328
La Bona Pasta13321 W Indian School Rd(623) 935-2233
La Fiesta Market19 E Main St(623) 925-8006
Little Caesar's Pizza2850 N 107th Ave #101(623) 474-2338
Los Compadres Market425 N Central Ave(623) 932-4000
Mandy's Fish & Chips725 N Central Ave #117(602) 900-4177
Mariachi's Mexican 13025 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd(623) 535-0303
Mariscos 7 Mares10740 W Lower Buckeye Rd(623) 936-6005
Mariscos Las Playitas10957 W Buckeye Rd(623) 907-1301
McDonald's3925 N 107th Ave(623) 877-6011
McDonald's9930 W McDowell Rd(623) 478-3925
McDonald's13055 W Rancho Sante Fe(623) 935-2823
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt9925 W McDowell Rd #103(623) 936-9987
Mi Nietos Cocina10575 W Indian School Rd(623) 877-3673
Mi Panaderia 506 E. Western Ave623.932.3600
Native Grill and Wings10220 W McDowell Rd #160(623) 907-8181
NYPD Pizza1619 N Dysart Rd #103(623) 536-6973
Ohana Hawaiian Shaved Ice1453 N Dysart Rd #107(602) 694-5624
Ono Hawaiian BBQ13070 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd C-7(623) 536-0188
Paletas La Michoakana105 E Western Ave(602) 373-9149
Paloma Mexican Street Food965 E Van Buren St Suite 121(602) 237-6611
Panaderia La Central725 N Central Ave(623) 882-0757
Panda Express11555 W Van Buren St (623) 882-1004
Panda Express10110 W McDowell Rd #150(623) 907-1322
Panera Bread9995 W McDowell Rd #101(623) 889-6313
Papa Murphy's Pizza1809 N Dysart Rd #108(623) 935-7117
Pei Wei1619 N Dysart Rd #101(623) 535-9830
Peter Piper Pizza 1463 N Dysart Rd (623) 882-0020
Peter Piper Pizza 10170 W McDowell Rd(623) 643-9142
Piazza Romana10210 W McDowell Rd #120(623) 936-7338
Picossitos210 N Avondale Blvd #102(623) 925-8400
Pieology9915 W McDowell Rd #107(623) 907-0300
Pita Kitchen915 W McDowell Rd #104(623) 478-8900
Pizza Hut1450 N Dysart Rd(623) 925-5810
Pizza Hut 10685 W Indian School Rd #J(623) 777-1553
Pizza Patron1440 N Dysart Rd(623) 643-9193
Pollo Loco10135 W McDowell Rd(623) 936-1852
Portillo's Hot Dogs10331 W McDowell Rd(480) 569-1880
Potbelly Sandwich Shop10265 W McDowell Rd B-100(602) 314-8369
Purple Elephant Cakes13331 W Indian School Rd #202(623) 537-7322
Raising Cane's993 W McDowell Rd(623) 936-3000
Raspados Naturales Neza10575 W Indian School Rd #106(602) 639-0373
Raspados y Neveria - Mi Trailita 309 E Main St (623) 213-8053
Raul & Theresa's519 W Main St(623) 932-1214
Red Robin10240 W McDowell Rd(623) 907-3460
Red Dragon Buffet1461 N Dysart Rd #101(623) 925- 0000
Rosati's Pizza and Sports Pub1729 N Dysart Rd #108(602) 455-1000
Rosendo's Taco Shop314 E Western Ave(623) 374-4048
Rubio's Coastal Grill10321 W McDowell Rd(623) 745-7995
Scale and Feather Meadery1050 N Fairway Dr, Bldg E #112(623) 440-8931
Sipping Sisters Cafe308 N Central Ave(623) 248-0251
Smash Burger9915 W McDowell Rd #101(623) 936-3020
Sonic Drive-In601 N Central Ave(623) 932-9100
Sonic Drive-In 10750 W Lower Buckeye Rd (623) 388-5884
Starbucks11435 W Buckeye Rd A101(623) 936-8470
Starbucks10585 W Indian School Rd(623) 872-1602
Starbucks10321 W McDowell Rd #A107(623) 907-0917
Subway 10685 W Indian School Rd #I(623) 772-5701
Subway 102210 W Indian School Rd #120(623) 742-9670
Subway 900 N 99th Ave(623) 936-1770
Subway 11435 W Lower Buckeye Rd #A109(623) 673-9371
Subway 1453 N Dysart Rd #101(623) 882-9503
Subway 13070 W Rancho Dr(623) 535-1080
Super Carniceria Los Alamos 10730 W Lower Buckeye Rd #101(623) 907-2200
Taco Bell 10711 W Indian School Rd(623) 877-1111
Taco Bell 9940 W McDowell Rd(623) 643-9816
Taco Bell 11325 W Buckeye Rd (623) 907-0160
Taco Bell 1529 N Dysart Rd(623) 536-9800
Tacos Tijuana10220 W McDowell Rd #100(480) 469-9542
Tacos El Yiyo10933 W Buckeye Rd(602) 486-4108
Taqueria La Jacky532 E Western Ave(623) 882-9062
Thai Gourmet Restaurant10555 W Indian School Rd #101(623) 877-1808
Thai Orchid Garden12725 W Indian School Rd #A104(623) 536-2800
The Habit Burger Grill10155 W McDowell Rd #100 (623) 936-1889
The Pasta Factory701 E Western Ave(623) 932-9235
Tony's Cafe 301 W. Main Street(623) 932-0411
Tortas Manantial10665 W Indian School Rd Ste A(623) 873-0664
Tortas Paquime10565 W Indian School Rd #101(623) 877-3212
Village Inn 10010 W McDowell Rd (623) 478-0895
WaBa Grill9915 W McDowell Rd(623) 478-7685
Water Works Water & Ice 10665 W Indian School Rd Suite A  (623) 772-1666 
We Olive and Wine Bar1721 N Dysart Rd A101(623) 207-1216
Wendy's 900 N 99th Ave(623) 478-0990
Whataburger1460 N Dysart Rd(623) 932-4934
Wing Stop1809 N Dysart Rd C110(623) 234-9944
Xanthi Greek Food10575 W Indian School Rd E101(623) 215-8319
Yogis Grill10220 W McDowell Rd #110(623) 936-8282
Yogurtland10220 W McDowell Rd #140(623) 936-6900
Zeta's Grill2935 N Dysart Rd(623) 547-4612