Specialty Districts

Specialty Districts

While all of Avondale offers growth and opportunity, three districts push
their way to the forefront. The Health-Tech Corridor, The BLVD and Historic
Avondale provide trend-setting options and offer a specialized destination
that works best for your business

Health-Tech Corridor


Historic Avondale

Health-Tech Corridor

The Avondale Health Tech Corridor is a growing center for specialty healthcare
and technology organizations in the Greater Phoenix region.


healthcare workers


technology workers


healthcare-related companies

*Source, EMSI 2019

Avondale is the
location-of-choice for
health-tech opportunities.

AKOS Telemedicine, Copper Springs Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Southwest Specialty and Urgent Care Center, the Arizona Center for Cancer Care, Integrated Medical Services, and many others have made significant investment in Avondale’s Heath-Tech Corridor.

Healthcare operations in the region

  • Abrazo West Valley Hospital
  • Banner Estrella Medical Center
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
  • St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center

Recent locates & expansions

  • AKOS Medical Campus
  • Arizona Center for Cancer Care
  • Bio Life
  • Bridgewater Assisted Living
  • Copper Springs Hospital
  • IORA Health by Humana
  • Legacy House of Arizona

Copper Springs Hospital was incredibly impressed with the caliber, quantity and skill level of the employees that are available within a short drive of the Avondale location. One of the main reasons we selected Avondale was because of its robust talent pipeline, many used to a lengthy commute, and our employees often thank us for bringing them home to work, which makes us even more proud to have located in Avondale.”

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Jessica Black

Historic Avondale

Avondale is home to three historic areas, each with its own unique characteristics
and redevelopment opportunities. Contact one of our experts if you are interested
in learning more about development opportunities in Historic Avondale.

Las Ligas and Rio
Vista Neighborhoods

The Las Ligas and Rio Vista neighborhoods are predominantly residential neighborhoods dating back to the 1940s and 50s. The rural feel complements the large amount of agriculture surrounding the area, particularly cattle lots and hay production. Some commercial development opportunities are found in the northeast corner of the area at Lower Buckeye Road and El Mirage Road.


The BLVD will be the West Valley's newest mixed-use destination and will offer
pedestrian oriented districts, generous landscaping, boutique shops, and vibrant
dining options, as well as parks and plazas for family and friends to gather.

Districts Living Together

Map of districts


  • Education Campus
  • Medical Campus/Hospital
  • Large Urban Form
  • Lifestyle Amenities
  • Hotel
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Restaurant


  • Single-Family Detached
  • Attached Townhomes
  • Limited Commercial


  • Single-Family Attached Residential
  • Multi-Family


  • Gathering Area for Community Events
  • Large Scale Sports and Entertainment
  • American Sports Center
  • Theatre/Performing Arts Center
  • Mixed-Use
  • Boutique Mixed-Use/Main Street
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Urban Form Multi-Family
  • Office
  • Education Campus

Promenade District

  • Community Retail
  • Pad Development
  • Transitional Retail
  • Office


  • Trendy District Concepts
  • Opt-In Zoning
  • Incremental Development for Market Demands
  • Reduced Area: 350 Acres of Developable Area
  • Ease of Development
  • Streamlined Approvals
  • Business Assistance Programs
  • Public-Private Development Partnership
  • The BLVD map